Let Me Cook For You

Custom Therapeutic Private cooking for individuals, families, small groups, wellness retreats.  I use only nutrient dense and organic superfoods in all my creations. I bring my expertise to your home, giving you the freedom to enjoy top-quality food without effort.  I will cook for you on an ongoing weekly basis or for any special occasion.  Enjoy my service if you are looking to up level your dedication to your nutrition.  I consider your desires as well as any specific dietary needs. I then custom curate a seasonal menu with your unique sensibilities in mind. I deliver exactly what you are looking for. Check out this service for an exceptional, and delicious culinary experience.



For Sustainable Optimal Health

Whether you’re hosting a party, desperate for a fresh menu, or feel overwhelmed by the pressure to create consistent healthy meals for yourself or family, this service brings the most delicious, creative, and nutrient dense food concepts straight to your kitchen.
I will work with you and teach you how to source ingredients and shop, set up your kitchen for flow and ease, and streamline your technique for fresh healthy weekly meal prepping.  What I teach you can be applied to every season.  Your family or partner or own best self will thank you.



Deepen Present Awareness with Food

I have found the greater my willingness to understand something my capacity to love it grows…As we take time to look deeply at the food we choose to eat, we gather insight into the subtle layers of who and what we are and all our relationships…we challenge and deepen our concept of self, others, earth, and the interconnectedness of all things.
Just as what we eat can impact our health, I have experienced “how” we eat is just as imperative to our wellness but never thought of.  Our state of mind while we eat impacts how we receive and digest our foods.  Through the art of gentle contemplation we can open to receive our food and ourselves more fully.
This offering entails working with me directly to implement a daily eating practice.  I designed the invitation from my own personal experience using mindful eating to assist in healing myself from multiple “issues”.  All perceived difficulties are simply opportunities to love the self more and integrate those parts, not ignore them and push them away.  The process I teach is simple yet powerful…Through paying attention and looking deeply into the foods you eat you will gently cultivate greater self awareness, connection to others and the earth.   We will work together and I will guide you to learn how to continue this practice on your own for whatever is coming up for you.



About Nate

I believe in cooking from the source, the earth, from my heart directly to yours. I fully believe food is medicine and honor the earth's bounty as such. I procure and prepare only the freshest most nutrient dense live foods available.  That means I work directly with local farmers and artisans who grow their food sustainably and with love.   My offerings were most likely in the ground and harvested within 1-2 days of serving them.  My dedication to your food's quality and freshness helps retain the life force and nutritional integrity of the produce I serve.  As I work with the food I connect with an intentionally loving and open heart while holding my client's highest health in mind.  When the fruits and vegetables you eat are at their peak, alive, and vibrant, and culled with this gratitude it allows me to create food that is better tasting and more nutritious.

I was born and raised on an island in the Pacific Northwest.  Like many other cooks my mother had a tremendous influence on me.  She worked at the local Island Health Foods store and fed us nutritious real whole foods while instilling in me a sense of curiosity and willingness to take risks in the kitchen.  She conveyed her love by feeding us the most nutritious foods available.  Fittingly, when I wanted sugar cereal and white bread like the other kids she fed me wheat germ laden pancakes and extolled the virtues of organic fresh fruits and vegetables.  

I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked under great chefs in thriving Seattle professional kitchens.  This training where I learned and honed my traditional cooking technique gave me the foundation and respect for how I cook now.  Coupled with my powers of observation, a constant curiosity to try new things drives me. This attitude in the kitchen has fueled my learning and growth through a school of life experience.    

Like many in the restaurant industry I learned to approach everything with peak intensity. I thrived off the creative pressure, long hours, and the call to perform in high stakes situations. However, I found the demand on my body and mind where I once thrived was not sustainable.  I took a break from the rigors of the professional kitchen for my health and landed in San Diego.  

Here I dedicated myself to a new lifestyle predicated on self-love.  Of course this change entailed how I cooked and ate.  I found cooking for oneself and others to be the ultimate expression of love and respect.   I went back to school to study holistic nutrition at NHI in Encinitas, CA. There I earned a Nutritional Chef Certification and also became certified as a Clinical Nutritionist to deepen my dedication to therapeutic cooking.

I express my life's passion and journey by serving and feeding others.  I believe in the preservation of heirloom plants and creatively celebrating them with an open heart with reverence for the land while highlighting their inherent qualities.  I like to get to know the plants I serve and share nutritional knowledge and traits with my clients.  

My food is hyperlocal, seasonal, unique and delicious while my private services are unmatched. If you want to learn more and work with me, simply reach out today.




Please email me with all culinary service inquires. Please specify the service type you are interested in and briefly describe any other details or questions you have in regards to what you are are looking for. I will respond within 24-48 hours, and send a new client form with more details based on your preferences.




Nathan is the best cook I’ve ever met. I told my husband that I experience happiness when I eat his food!
I tried meal prep services, hiring people and I’ve never been happy with either the taste or hassle of eating healthy.  I met Nathan and he cooked for my entire family and has kept us healthy and we all love the food. To me staying fit and healthy is important and he nailed it!!  Top notch!!

Shanda Sumpter , HeartCore Business



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